Strida EVO: pedaling on the 1st and 3rd gear feels rough

Hi, everyone. It’s my first time to post in the forum although I own a couple of Stridas for more than a year now. I got a Strida EVO last week and I noticed a gritty/rough sensation coming from the bottom bracket everytime I pedal using the low and high gears. Is this normal with this model? Pedaling while on the middle gear feels buttery smooth.

Hello keps,

In my region is the EVO not available yet, but I think the behaviour you’re describing can be explained:

The middle gear has the ratio of 100%, that means the cranks and the beltwheel are rotating with the same speed and the gear wheels inside of the drive are standing still.

In the 1st (78,7%) and 3rd gear (125,7%) the gear wheels are in rotation to achieve a different number of rotation between cranks and beltwheel.

I guess the rough sound you’re hearing are the teeth of the gear wheels which are rolling at each other.
Maybe the EVO gear needs some time for running-in.

Besides of the rough feeling, is there any kind of resistance while pedaling?