Strida Evo arrived, Goodbye Strida 5.....

Just taken delivery of a black Evo to replace my Strida 5 which in turn replaced my Strida 1!

First impressions,; Heavier than the 5 but the three gears completly change the bike…not so bad if you live in London but I live on the Isle of Wight and whilst I use it to commute to Southampton via the passenger ferry there are still a lot of hills around Cowes.

Very expensive, had to think twice but i know this bike will last for ages (or I hope it will…) so the trusty 5 is now listed on ebay!


Hello Adam,

welcome at Stridaforum!

So, you’re a fan from the beginning…why did you wait such a long time to join the forum? :laughing:

Have a safe ride on your new EVO,

kind regards,