Strida evo 3 VS Strida SD

What are the differences between the strida Evo 3 and the SD? (Besides 3 speeds)?
What is the maximum speed of evo strida March 18 "? :neutral_face:
Thank you very much! :unamused:

Hello Driwuoks,

besides the higher weight (maybe ~ 1,5 kg) of the EVO gear drive and the bottom tube (+bottom bracket of bigger diameter) there is no difference.

The 3-speed Strida
Gear ratios information about different models of Strida

Once again, as already mentioned here Strida EVO3 with 18" wheels?,
the question for a maximum speed cannot be answered generally - in principle, I’d say NO Strida will be faster than 0 km/h…without rider…
And I claim hereby also that all my Stridas can be faster than 150 km/h…if I throw them out of an aeroplane window…

YOU are responsible to make a Strida fast, you need to pedal as fast as possible…what’s your usual cadence?
How long can you keep that cadence?
Are you a sportsman?

Currently I have a Strida MAS, which I consider quite fast. Anyway I think that buy you a evo 18". Thank you for answering :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :smiley:

if you are fast on a MAS you will be anyway faster with 18 inch wheels, I mean…

Hopefully you noticed the big difference in the gear shifting procedure;
change gears on SD means sideways kicks with the heels

  • possible even while pedaling forwards - as you will know :laughing:
    on an EVO you have to pedal backwards for 120 degrees per gear.

I have an SD with 18" wheels and I think based on the numbers it’s faster than the EVO with 18" wheels.

Good to know. In one more week, purchasing tires 18 "for SD =)

Dear Chester, which numbers do you mean?


I mean the gear inches of the SD with 18" wheels

Low gear (direct drive)

(80 t / 30 t) x 18"
= 2.67 x 18"
= 48 gear inches

High gear (speed drive)

((80 t * 1.65) / 30 t) x 18"
= (132 t / 30 t) x 18"
= 4.4 x 18"
= 79.2 gear inches

Hi Chester,

yes, thanks to you I’d a closer look and do know better now.

I thought actually that the gear ratios of high/low SD gear would be 100 % equal to the high/low gear of the EVO.
That’s wrong! :blush:

Hopefully you’ll also accept my apology, I’ve corrected that already here:
Re: Gear ratios information about different models of Strida


No need for an apology. :smiley: