Strida EVO 3 Speed Wrench

Strida EVO 3 Speed
I need to adjust the tension belt.
Where can I get online a good pro quality Wrench to release the KS3 Internal Lockring sales Nº HSA835.
It requires hight torque 60 Nm. I believe a “C” spanner can’t manage this torque without
damage the Lockring tooth. What is the solution adopted by the dealers to do this job.
In my country we dont have authorized shops. The price is not a problem, I want a professional good quality wrench. Cant find any option on web. Links are welcome.

Theoretically you could use a common hook spanner (or C-spanner) in size Ø 96 mm or an adjustable one with matching range.
Unfortunately, perhaps you noticed already, do the “noses” of usual spanners not fit the narrow grooves of HSA 835.

You can:

  • Modify a common key (Most likely the cheaper and faster solution.)
  • Order original tools (If possible via a local bike dealer.)

For original tools - Ming is using a special hook spanner for this purpose;
its unusual feature is a 1/2" square hole close to the key’s mouth.
You’re surely suspected already correct - yes, the hole was added for a torque key.
(Just don’t forget to calculate the new torque - force is out of centre :wink: )
According to my infos should Strida distributors be able to order tools;
if there is nobody (willing?) in your country please ask at the next one.

Recently I’ve ordered these; couldn’t find a combination of both.
They do not fit as they are, was too lazy to grind them by now :blush:
url= Hook key 60-90mm[/url]
url= Hook key 1/2" 60-90mm[/url]

Keys are not recommendable, there is a lot to grind! :blush: