Strida electric drive by Aleksandr Mironov

Strida with custom e-drive made by russian fans
The name of author is Aleksandr Mironov
Here’s thread of discussion in russian
Here’s announcing of e-kit and beginning of discussion

Hi glam,

pretty cool drive; do you have more info about motor type, drivetrain and such?

Here is another more complete video with description of the e-drive in russian language
There’s a Strida fans community in russian and one of the guys says that now it’s just a second beta version of e-kit for Strida. Kit made with chinese parts with some kind of custom modification. If I correctly understood the custom will be gearbox. Drive power is 350 W, additional weight +5.5 kg. Gear box is mounted on rear frame and standart brakes seats. Battery 10Ah, average route at 1 charge 25-40 km, max speed 25 km/h on 16" wheels and 28 km/h on 18". Principle of work based on the transmission of force from the motor through a gearbox to the gear attached to the brake disc. To have the ability of make your bicycle lighter when you don’t want to use e-drive, battery and motor will be quick-detachable. All mechanism can be easily installed not only in Strida, but at any other bicycle with disc brakes.
Album at OneDrive with fullsize pics

Blackstridaaustria, yes we can make new topic to discuss the idea of this e-drive.
I’m not sure that this e-kit would have the commercial distribution worldwide, but at the moment author of idea promises that final version will be available to russian customers (that means that I can buy it :wink: ). Estimated cost is about 550-630$, not so cheap, but the idea is really interesting.
By the way he offers the free test drive in Moscow to anyone intrested in this idea. Maybe if I find time I could try it myself.

Thanks again glam :smiley:

Well…I’m impressed – really!
Matching to Strida - seems this concept ingenious…actually a great idea to put the drive belt behind the disc! Guess there’s an additional freehweel inside of the motor gear, the small black roller just for the tensioning of the drive belt…
Very creative is anyway the drive mounting; honestly I’d never thought of using the brake mount!
Naturally we have here also a spring loaded thumb throttle - very appreciated – what about pedal assist option?
Hmmm…I guess the given weight of 5.5 kg will include the battery…

I think that’s a promising project.

Yes. Here’s the specs of weight components given by author of idea:

  • motor - little bit more 2 kg
  • battery 36V 10Ah - little bit more 2 kg
  • gear box with reductor - 1kg

Battery and motor will be quick-detachable. Installing of gear box will took some time, tools and mechanical skills. In gear box there’s overrunning clutch to have ability to pedal simultaneously with motor work or free pedal when motor is not used. But that decigion makes impossible recuperation of energy to charge battery while riding with turned-off motor because torque is not transmitted from the wheel to the motor.
Specs of motor - average power 350 W, peak power 1100 W. Which certain type of motor I don’t know. All info that I found given from public discussion board.
Author planning to make some improvement at second version of e-drive like smartphone’s controlling of motor and mud protection of transmission parts.

This is a very nice e-drive system indeed!

By adding the extra pulley behind the disc, does it move the wheel further to the left, or has the wheel construction been modified to keep it aligned with the front wheel?

New variant of Alexandr Mironov e-drive system: