STRiDA drum brake wheels

Hi, I have a customer with an older STRiDA bike, the type with drum brakes. He can’t get the rear wheel off the bike to exchange the belt I’ve sent him. I’ve received some photos, but I have never worked on the bike before.

Is there an exploded view of the old bikes like there is with the new ones?
Or does anybody have an alternative way to exchange the belt, without removing the rear wheel?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Markus,

no problem, all the old documents are still available at Mark’s issuu page,
just scroll down and download the manuals, exploded views are in there :smiley:

Direct links;
Strida 1 manual
Strida 3 manual

I think you have to remove the rear wheel otherwise it is not possible to change the belt.

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Thanks Blackstridaaustria! I’ve passed this on, and hope he’ll manage the belt exchange with these details!

Hello there Strida community, I’m trying to replace the brake shoes for the rear drum brake on a Strida 3. I know of the korean supplier of the whole assembly, does anyone know where I might find the shoes? Or indeed who manufactures the hub brakes, I guess they might be sold for another application/product but haven’t found it.

The nearest I found are: Sturmey Archer Drum Brake Shoe Service Kit 70mm HSB356 but the STrida hub is 60mm diameter… :frowning:

All the best, AJ

Hello AJ,

welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

I’m in doubt that we can figure out who is the manufacturer of these brake assemblies - there is no company label ot whatsoever tagging visible on them.
And just out of curiosity - what is the reason for your wish?
For the price of one service kit you could buy TWO complete brake assemblies :neutral_face:

Kind regards,


Thats a good point. I guess i was trying to source some nearer to home. I think i will bite the bullet and purchase the new assemblies. My bike won’t be safe without new shoes. Thanks for your help AJ

Don’t worry, the Koreans were always fast and serious :smiley: