STRIDA design competition

STRIDA Hong Kong is holding a STRIDA design competition with a local Hong Kong trend magazine called “Milk”

Designers are invited to submit their vision of the STRIDA with different graphics and accessories - fenders, wheels, saddles, tires…you can even create your own STRIDA t-shirts, STRIDA pants, and STRIDA sneakers! Designs can range from far out crazy to down right conservative - it’s all up to you!

Another part of the competition is to come up with an alternative slogan to “A Whole New Way to Move”.

The winning design will receive a brand new STRIDA 5.0, the 1st runner up will receive a STRIDA 3.2, and the 2nd runner up will receive $2000 cash coupon towards purchase of any STRIDA products.

The winning design may even be offered as a limited edition as well!

All designs are welcome. So put on your thinking caps and get out your drawing pens!

Thanks for posting - I wonder if it is just limited to Hong Kong ?


Thanks that 1st prize is well deserved - the bag is cool and the subtle changes to the bike are also cool … thanks for posting