Strida Chic

After the first 30km…I am in love with my new Strida 5.2 (even more so, considering I got it at 30% from a dealer who wanted to get rid of stock for the new model?!).
It cuts 10 mins off my 1h45min commute (but now I don’t have to wait for trams/metro like a dunce), I feel healthier and hopefully will stay that way.

Yes, the bike is beautiful and design-delish.
As a new Strida rider, I was hoping for more chatter on Strida accessories and chic attire to go with the whole look! Where are the gorgeous accessories? They are certainly not for sale here in the Netherlands!

A few no-nos in clothing choices, so far:

  • long scarves
  • long jackets
  • skirts
  • trousers that are not leggings, skinny jeans and/or restricted with a rubber band!

I’m sure we can do better than just this? Ideas anyone?

the sleek thing you can do to depending on the colour of the bike would be to change your saddle to a nice leather one which makes like look nicer. I just didn’t do much to my bike but added the rack bag and a new sprung saddle to make it even more comfortable. They also have different coloured fenders if that’s your thing. Else most of the handlebar stuff and pedals You can swap with conventional bike parts.