Strida Carbon Frame

And this ~ one day before:

Also to be found at the facebook pages of Strida Hong Kong, Strida Canada West and the Strida news page.

Many thanks to Bill, Genuine_S and Philip.


This looks awesome in theory!!! It looks like it is being produced for both the Evo and the single speeds. I have to wonder how robust the seat attachment is going to be. The only real world experience I have with carbon fiber is people telling me how they broke theirs.

I also shudder to think how much it is going to cost! Especially a carbon fiber Evo! :open_mouth:

Therefore they have told us in time - long before release date.
That’s in fact social and meant for your future planning…
So you’ll have time enough to save your money…best you eat bread - without butter! - until then.
I’d expect a price of perhaps 2k€ for an EVO version.


Don’t miss their pics!

The EVO version is too heavy for me, I’d rather pay for a carbon bike (even with only one speed).

But talking about carbon frames I see 2 different ones:

Why? Which one is the good one?

I’d say this one is showing just the carbon wheels, guess creating connections like below will not be possible in carbon.

And this is just a scaled down model of the planned carbon frame:

from here:

If that red stand is real size the bike should be a Strida Micro or Nano. :open_mouth:

:laughing: yeah, Nano…these riders will fit:

This is not carbon. :blush: I’ve sent an email to Strida and I’ve got an answer from Sara Tseng:

You might try to trust me… :smiley:

Just right-click and open image in new screen

On the HK Strida Facebook page

Oh, wow - thank you :laughing:

Pretty cool frame, but I hope it’s just a prototype.
The flat mount brakes are nice and I assume the seat frame gives decent suspension, but a commuter bike really needs fenders and it needs a rear rack.
Without a rear rack, are owners expected to just rest their bikes on the sides of the carbon tubing?
Since you can’t clamp down on carbon tubing, it would be nice to have mounting holes front and rear to add bottle cages and Dahon/Tern quick release bag mounts.
Lot’s of warranty claims coming about cracked tubes if the bike can’t be safely rested or allow accessories to be mounted.

Sadly for me, I think this carbon frame has a big design flaw with the tight rear tire clearance.
It doesn’t look like you can fit a big fat tire in back.
I wouldn’t want to ride such skinny tires on a non suspension bike and fat tires would help those expensive carbon wheels from getting scratched up.
This almost looks like a racing bike but that is silly considering the purpose and geometry of a Strida.
I think function should be the priority on a commuting folder.

If a company is going to charge a premium, then the bike should be perfect.
Carbon is better but not if it loses the functionality of the old frame.
This frame with 16" carbon wheels and fat tires would be slower but more comfortable.
I will stick with my 5.0 for now.

The rear hinge mechanism seems to be different from the one of the alu frame: no cup spring is visible. How do they make sure the is no play?

There’s a small “Siemens Air Hook” inside, in a certain position vice-versa the 373 bolt - the pics below are showing the principle…