Strida brake cable lengths

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The other day the rear brake cable on my Strida broke.
I replaced it with a generic Shimano brake cable set, but the Strida JP manual had brake cable lengths listed. It stated there that the rear brake cable housing length was 1260mm, but the actual cable housing length on my Strida was about 1180mm.
(So I cut my Shimano cable housing to 1180mm)

I wondered if it would not be a problem if the cable lengths were slightly different, but it seems to me that there is no place in the Strida’s construction to leave the extra cable idle.

Also, I know from previous conversations with Chris that mistakes exist in the Strida manual. the brake cable length was not mentioned in the English version of the manual.
I tried to check the Chinese version of the manual, but it appears that the “” domain is already dead.

I wonder which is the actual Strida genuine replacement cable length?
Presumably, people who replace their own Strida brake cables are more likely to replace them with better brake cables, so few people have ever bought genuine Strida brake cables. So not many people may be able to answer this question.

These are the pictures after the replacement. It seems that there is probably no space for extra cables.

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At my old English manual (STRIDA manual-0617 revised.pdf) these lengths are mentioned, but I think they are also not 100% correct :crazy_face:

Brake cable hose: 1095 mm
Wire length: 1380 mm

Brake cable hose: 1205 mm
Wire length: 1500 mm

For my meaning are both cable hoses too long at your bike, the front one just a tiny bit and the rear one for a larger amount.
(Also, I’m sure that the perfect length depends on the exact position of the brake levers.)
Anyway, I’d recommend the following process to adjust these lengths:
(I’m used to this method due to installing numerous bent handle bars.)

  1. Mount the brake levers according to your preferred position, some people like it a bit upwards, others more downwards.
  2. Do not install the brake cable yet, but take care that the hose sits correctly in the caliper.
  3. Cut off little pieces (~ 0,5 cm) in steps until you reach the desired length - the cable hose should not cross the way of the steering bar clamp lever. (That is just annoying :hot_face: )
    But be very careful - if you cut too short, then you cannot any longer fold the steering bars!
    Better one more try than cutting too short :wink:

Thanks for the quick replies! Always helpful.

I see in that file that the cable lengths are more detailed.
And yes, indeed, the brake cable on my bike is in the way when operating the steering bar clamp lever.
I thought this was the norm since it has been that way since I bought it.
Perhaps the length of the brake cable at the time of shipment is long enough to allow the brake lever position to be changed later.

I’ve already installed the rear brake cable end caps, and I’m planning to replace the front brake cable next time (it’s not broken yet, but it’s probably deteriorating over time), so I’ll adjust that cable like you said.