Strida B-Drive?


This is Not Good.
Who doesn’t understand Brand Management ?

Who is the world is writing up their advertising?!

You have a single speed so you call it “no choice”? cause you have only one gear? hahaha!they should redo that!

Actually, the B-Drive has a 7-speed internal-gear hub.

Here are the reactions from StridaCafe members in Korea.

Photos taken at Taipei Cycle Show 2011

So besides the name and the Belt there’s nothing really to do with strida at all?

instead of calling this strida b-drive they should just call it “typical mini velo with a belt drive” that’s basically all it is, nothing ground breaking or unique that mark sanders would design. Pacific cycle’s IF mode and their carry me’s would be unique and ground breaking to me, at least Ming got a little creative with the 3 speed strida. But this is something I’ve seen plenty of in my japan trip last year (mini velo’s are popular there).

More photos taken at the show :confused:

Wait a minute! Is that a non-Strida “Strida” folding bike in the photo next to the last? :open_mouth:


That was totally weird with the overuse of the brand strida. They’re really killing it when you put the name strida on a DAHON style folding bike! That last bike was looking like something dahon would make with this style of fold. :unamused:

way to kill the name guys!

These e-bikes don’t even use a belt but chain. What makes them “Stridas?”