Strida accessories in the U.S.?

I drool over the photos of Strida accessories in Asia, specifically those available only in Singapore and Thailand. I am finding that the U.S. distributor, Areaware, has no accessories beyond plastic mudguards. The bike is so new here it is very rare and Areaware is not a bike or sport equipment distributor but rather a designer-product distribution company, so I’m not holding out hope for availability of Strida accessories anytime soon. I guess I’ll have to find a friend willing to pick items up for me on their trip to southeast Asia.

Noel Wiggins of Strida USA has indicated Strida accessories coming soon:

Yes, we now have kick stands and will have many other accessories in

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Ming Cycles produces several accessories besides mudguards. Will these
be available in the near future?

yeah, bummer for us in north america that we don’t have as much easy access to those lovely strida accesories.

i’d recommed to those in north america:
if you’re comfortable modding, then just get stuff from your local shop and DIY to make it work for your strida (crosses fingers)

or if you want to play it safe:
get someone to send accessories to you/bring it back for you from somewhere in asia, or wiat for AREAWARE as chainstrainer’s email shows.

from my experience, AREAWARE is the only reputable distributor for North America, including Canada.

stay away from others, like YEAHBIKE - they are useless. even if their price looks good online, there is no service to help you after, and i speak from my experiences with them. someday i’ll go into more detail… shudder