Strida 5s available in UK at last!

Fellow Stridanauts

I don’t know if you’ve heard but Strida NL have taken over EU distribution of Stridas inc. UK.
Strida 5s are already available in London from ‘Velorution’ & ‘Bikefix’
Tomorrow Monday 10th March they will launch the new website :-
Rik & Ties at Strida NL are very forward thinking and enthusiastic about Stridas and are actively developing new features, accessories etc.

Happy Stridaring! Chop! :sunglasses:

Any idea which would be the easiest way to get Strida 5 spare parts in UK, Chop?
From a dealer or direct from Nl?

Got my Strida 5 last month from an ebay seller for £340 delivered.

Really really pleased with it.

Great to see Strida NL taking over the UK distribution. Hope they do a better job than Strida UK, who sent me a really mashed up recon strida 3 - claiming “these recons are bikes that were returned during the 14 day trial. all bikes have been inspected and will have the same performance levels as a new bike. however, these bikes have been used out on the road, and may have frame scratches.”

The frame was covered in gouges and scratches, and the magnet on the rear wheel was rusty. Looked way older than the 14 days stated on the order page. Needless to say it went back for a full refund.