Strida 5.x?

Photos of Strida latest versions … 3&next=346 … &next=1715 … 0&next=360

Thanks! I noticed that the Strida was sold to the Taiwanese, which is why they get the new models first now. Do you know what the prices are over there?


Strida bikes are manufactured in Taiwan since version 3.0, I think.

The selling price of Strida 5.0 in Taiwan is NT$14,800.

The agent in Hong Kong can order Strida 5.0 for us. However, the price is too expensive that they charge HK$4300 for each Strida 5.0!

(The price has been adjusted to HK$5,680 now including a carrying bag, a tail light and a kickstand.)

Hey that HK price is still much cheaper than even the Strida 3 here in UK. They want £360 after adding the essential “performance kit” and part assembly :frowning: There’s no mention on the website of whether it’s a 3.2 or a 3.3.


According to the photos on the U.K. website, they are selling Strida 3.2, I think.
Here are the photos of Strida 3.2, 3.3 and 5.0: … -1_okk.jpg … -1_okk.jpg … ay_okk.jpg … -1_okk.jpg … -1_okk.jpg

That’s right, I called them and they confirmed it is the 3.2.


Sorry to have to correct your info, they are actually selling only 3.2a models (with the tiny pinch roller that stops the belt from jumping)
The 3.3 has metal wheels & is an upgrade in the UK.
I got Strida NL (who moved premises last weekend BTW) to convert my 3.2 with metal wheels. :wink: