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I need to replace the rear tyre on my Strida 5. I’ve looked through the posts on here and read that the Schwalbe Marathon would be ideal. I checked the Strida tyres and they said 16 x 1.5 so I went and bought one. But it is too big!? Far too big in fact. Upon closer inspection my rims appear to be 14 inch (verified with a tape measure), which is not what it says on the tyre or the spec for my bike. Am I going mad? Where can I get a tyre that will fit in the UK, and what size should I purchase? Anyone got an ideas?

Check out …

Basically tyre sizing can be confusing as the inches mean the APPROX outer diameter, but there are various standards in Inches and in mm !! For 16" tyres there are many sizes but 2 popular types of rims 305 (as used on Strida) and 349 (as used on Brompton) (mm just to be confusing).
The strida tyres ARE 16 x 1.5, also called 40-305.

To much to explain here, hence check out :

Always use the ISO/ETRTO designation instead of inches, as the Sheldon Brown link shows. I learned this from my mistake purchasing the wrong 20-inch tires for my recumbent.

Thanks for the responses, but this still leaves me asking for tyres that won’t fit. Is there anywhere in the UK that sells the right size for a Strida 5 and if so, what do I need to ask for as 16 x 1.5 clearly gets me the wrong ones!?

I think you can purchase a tyre from one of the local dealers of Strida in the UK. … age=united

The original tyres used on Strida 5 are Kenda Kwest K-193 - 16 x 1.50, 65 psi.
You can order Kenda Kwest K-193 high pressure tyres which are inflatable up to 100psi from the local Strida dealers, too.

For an alternative, you can purchase Primo Comet - 16 x 1.35, 85 psi tyres which can also be fitted on the rims of Strida. … l=f&fid=11

Hi There, I am a Strida 5 user and replace my rear tyre 2 months ago whith a:

Schwalbe Marathon Racer 16x1.5

Talk to the man at Dean’s Garage. He should be on the list put up by Amuro Lee. I bought a tyre from him for my knock off when I destroyed the original tyre by riding it flat when I got a puncture. Dene’s send stuff out the same day and charged below cost for postage. I know this for a fact from my own experience and from Ringo’s. He rounded the cost down to a sensible figure.

Dean’s Garage
439 Croydon Road
Tel: 020 86500630