Strida 5 available July 15 in Canada, maybe USA too

Yeah Bike, the Canadian distributor of Strida, just updated their order page with Strida 5 info:

Strida 3.2 - $549-$599 USD (free shipping)
Strida 5 - $799 USD (free shipping, $100 off pre-order)

Ouch, the 5 is going to cost! And I’m going to be comparing it against:

  • Dahon Curve D3 (< $400)
  • Downtube Mini ($400 + shipping)

Luckily I’ll be able to test-ride the Strida and Curve. Mainly I need to make sure:

  • I can get a decent seat height (long legs) and handlebar height (I like to be upright, not leaning over)
  • the Strida can get up moderate (but long) hills)