Strida 5 and 3 diferences

What are the main diferences between the strida 5.x and 3.x?

You can find out main differences on brake and crank as comparing these photos.

Mk 3.3

Mk 5.0

reference : Ming Cycle

The main differences between the Strida 5 and 3 are the location of the freewheel, the bottom bracket and the brakes:
The location of the freewheel of Strida 5 is on the real wheel instead of on the crank pulley. That increases the coasting distance by reducing the total friction from the drivetrain. The crank pulley and the belt drive are motionless when you are coasting on a Strida 5 just like an ordinary bike;
The bottom bracket shell of Strida 5 is welded on an aluminium alloy frame which is welded on the lower tube of the bike instead of the plastic bottom bracket moulding used on Strida 3;
The brakes of Strida 5 are changed to mechanical disc brakes instead of drum brakes used on Strida 3.

Here are Strida 5’s photos taken by Skywalker on his blog: … le?mid=155 … le?mid=236

I 've also noticed that there is a webbed bracket holding the locking pin on the front member. I get my Strida 5 tomorrow BTW, it’s been in my work base since Sunday, finally get my mitts on it! As soon as I arrive in London I’ll be changing the seat.
I’ll be 24 hrs in the Earls Court / Kensington area if anyone fancies a try out on the 5 or GoBike, or the odd sherbet PM me.
Safe riding Chop! :sunglasses:

hey Chop!! How have you been doing on your new Strida 5.0? Having fun? Goooooing much faster? Wowing everyone?

Yep, it’s going fine,

Freewheel’s better now that it’s on the back wheel, less drag, so it goes much further on freeweel.

Tried it up some steepish hills in Nottingham & no Belt jump or BB flex

BB has a snail-cam which adjusts the belt tension by means of a screw under the BB

Brakes are superb

Std tyres are Kenda 65 psi

Another addition is spring loaded buttons on the handlebars which you push in to locate them into the steering head before you tighten the over-centre catch

And there are ergonomic grips fitted

One free mudflap

And finally it came with free tiny LED lights (the type which you attach with elastic)

Tidy !!!

Does anyone know what brake pads the disk brakes take? I just don’t like the idea of relying on a single company for replacements of such a wear-prone part.