strida 5 alloy crank wheel


I fitted an alloy freewheel 2 months ago along with a new belt. I have a rwasonable amount of tension in the belt but it has just started slipping when pulling away again. I think it’s the large crank wheel that is the problem so would like to get an alloy one. I’m sure I saw some for sale last year which came in red or blue but can’t find them on the internet now. Does anyone know where I can get an alloy crank wheel for a strida 5, preferably in the UK?


Hi Strida 5,

did you mean this? … x&cPath=33

For some kind of reason Strida itself calls this part CHAIN (?) wheel…

Best Regards

Thank you Blackstridaaustria.

Thats exactly it. I’d been searching for alloy crank wheel and alloy crank set, wouldn’t have thought of chain wheel. Very expensive though - 25% of cost of the bike, :astonished: not sure if it’s worth it.
I wonder if it can be bought without the cranks, I really only wanted the chain wheel. Might just buy a new plastic one instead.

Thanks again.

Strida 5 (or rxdavis - depends on what the form lets me log on as). :confused: