strida 5 adjustable seat height

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I’m new to this forum. i just bought a 2nd hand strida5 from a friend. its still good condition. IM LOVING THE STRIDA! My friend told me the seat was adjustable. But when i see the manual from the net, it says that there is 2 pins for the seat to adjust the height. this is my qn…Does this mean that it has only 2 position? I worry i mite have spoil it because when i adjusted my height position for the seat, i juz unscrew it to make it loose and slide it up or down for my desired height and tighten it back. is that a problem?

Welcome crezyRez,

there is only one seat pin in the seat molding of your Strida.
But the seat pin can be mounted at two different positions (holes in the seat tube).
The upper position is required for body heights of 175 - 200 cm,
the lower hole for heights of 150 - 175 cm.
Or, we might say that the adjustable range of the seat height is splitted in two parts.
The lower range (part 1) is available by mounting the seat pin at the lower hole,
and the upper range (part 2) requires that the seat pin is screwed in the upper hole.

Maybe it’s helpful to have a look inside
That’s the left half of a Strida seat molding, the seat pin is located at the 4th of 14 possible positions (grooves):

1024 x 768

Guess that should be OK. :smiley:

If you’re unsure whether the grooves have been damaged or the seat pin was bent/broken, I suggest to unmount the whole seat molding (including saddle) and check!

The seat pin is at the top hole and I can’t remove. I want to adjust at the 2nd hole. How could I remove easily this seat pin?

Hi magce,

did you try it to remove by using the 2mm Allen key counter-clockwise?

Hi Blackstridaaustria,
Thank you very much, you’re great help. I removed my seat pin that easy. :smiley:

Happy to hear that,

you’re always welcome, magce!

Have a safe ride :smiley:

I got my seat adjusted easy with the help of Blackstridaaustria’s :slight_smile: instruction…but prior to that I tried turning the seat pin with piers and damage it. May I ask somebody where could I buy spare seat pins. There is no bicycle stores in my area with strida bicycle :frowning:

Hi magce,

guess you’re from USA?

Please try here:

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Yes, I’m from States… Thanks once again for the information. I’ll update you about the seat pin.
Have a nice day :slight_smile: