Strida 5.1

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Improvements over Strida 5.0:

  1. A bell and a headlight with clock are included;
  2. The rear reflector has been changed to an LED tail light;
  3. The reflective strips on the tyres’ sidewall are wider and have chessboard like squares pattern on them;
  4. New style saddle;
  5. A saddle bag is included;
  6. New style kickstand;
  7. Aluminium alloy foldable pedals;
  8. Aluminium alloy rear rack (max loading capacity increased to 10kg);
  9. New designed Logo on a triangular aluminium plate;
  10. New style steel spokes, aluminium rims and hubs;
  11. New style handlebar grips…

Will any of the items (LED light, metal rack, new seat, kickstand, etc.) be available as accessories to add on to previous Strida models?

More photos from an online auction on Yahoo! Taiwan

After I have posted the link of the auction on Yahoo! Taiwan on the forum of Strida Hong Kong’s website, I received an advice (warning?) from the admin and the post was removed, too.

I posted the photos from the auction on the forum because they provide more details than the official photos from Ming Cycle. I think it is inappropriate if I posted the photos without quoting the source.
Moreover, the seller indicates clearly on the auction that he/she is not willing to ship the item overseas, so I don’t think posting the link of the auction will encourage people bypassing the local distributor to buy Strida directly from Taiwan.

The metal rack, kickstand and pedals are available as accessories for previous Strida models in Hong Kong now.