Strida 5.0 vs. LT Same Price Except 5.0 is Black

I am undecided between the Strida 5.0 and the Strida LT where the price difference is minimal e.g. 5.0 is $604 while LT is $600. I am aware of the wheel difference, but wonder why the $200 price variation is non-existent. Could it be because the 5.0 is color black and not selling as well?
I used to own a Bike-E recumbent and I never had a problem with its 16 inch spoked wheels. Which one is better looking, and is the 5.0 more intrinsically valuable because it is theoretically $200 more expensive?

Besides the wheels, some parts of the LT and the 5.x are different, e.g. the eccentric BB, the brake levers, the handgrips and the saddle, etc. Furthermore, the latest 5.x comes with Kickstand, QR adjustable seat mount and aluminium rear rack but the LT doesn’t.

I now have an LT and I like the wheels and the placement of the snubber bearing better. The seat looks better, but I am unsure as to whether its quality is as good. (Mine seems a bit “wobbly” compared to the 5.1 seat.) I preferred the handgrips of the 5.1, so I exchanged them.

AFAIK the LT is the successor to the 5.x. So I don’t know why the 5.x would be $200 more expensive. I would have thought that they would be trying to get rid of their 5.x stock.

I wished they explained the real differences between the two on their sites. Besides the wheels shown online I don’t see much of a difference. And to me I’d like those nylon wheels better so I don’t even have to worry about spokes anymore! But yeah spoke wheels and a bottom bracket don’t really make up for the $200 difference. But if you do compare it to the 5.2 that Amuro is talking about there is quite a bit of difference with the aluminum racks and brake levers and stuff. But yeah if it’s still selling a 5.0 they’re just getting rid of old stock it seems.

I think that the Strida 5 is going away, at least in Europe. Check out the UK site (or the NL site), there’s LT, SX and MAS:

On the downside for the LT there’s also the colour: just white and yellow.

Hi. Is there any difference in the dimensions of the frame from the 5.0 to the LT Strida? I’d like to put the 18-inch wheels for the Strida 5 on my LT.

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