Strida 5.0 frame failure

Purchased my Strida 5.0 in March 2008. Last Saturday it broke while riding. Has this happened to others? It broke below the connecting area on the steering tube. The steering became erratic and when I slowed to investigate the frame broke. I came to a moment later in the street with scrapes to hands and head, as well as broken glasses.

Tried to email images to the admin but email was rejected. Feel free to contact me for photos. Perhaps someone can assist in posting them.

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which email did you use?
Usually you can reach the admin here:

I’m just mod, but would you please send me the pics?

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Isn’t there a long guarantee on the frame ?
Have you contacted Ming ?
They seem to be pretty helpful you might get a spare tube ???

No pictures were sent by now…guess that was just trolling.

Sorry for the delay everyone. I’ve sent photos to the admin and to Chris. Strida got back to me a few days after I sent photos to them. My bicycle included a lifetime warranty when I purchased it in 2008, and Strida is sending a new bike!

Strida indicated the area where my frame failed has been redesigned. Perhaps I should take a comparison photo when the new bike arrives.

To be fair I searched Google for broken Brompton, and discovered many stories and photos of their frames breaking – and Brompton is supposed to be the best folder. So far my broken Strida is the only one I’m aware of. Perhaps just bad luck? I’m 5’ 9" tall and weigh 175 lbs. so I don’t think I’m too heavy for the bike.

You really lucky cause still alive, that not suppose to be on bike, very bad bike design, dangerous! :open_mouth: