Strida 5.0 - bottom bracket noise


i have a strida 5.0 and hear some noises if i push strong in the pedals. any ideas ? change the BB ?


Hej Patrick,

here’s your official at Stridaforum!

Ideas - yes, sure :laughing:
Don’t start with changing the BB, read this first:
Strida 5.0 “clicking” noise

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Woow thats fast. Thanks. I will check it tomorrow.

I have the same problem, i think it’s a design problem.

I reads the post "Strida 5.0 “clicking” noise, and the proposed solution works … but after a few days the noise reappears …mainly with the screw torque (18 Nm) recommended by Strida.

If the screw torque is lower, the problem dissapear, but I do not recommend it for safety…

Yes, same experience…but I claim hereby that:

  1. the intervals are much longer by using Never-Seez
  • did you also use that (or what)?
  1. the intervals are longer by using an additional, thin washer below the cup spring
  • did you add a washer?
  1. the quality of the edge modification is crucial; the edge should be carefully rounded and polished (best while rotating)
  • and not grinded on a flat surface.

For sure you’re right with the recommended torque.