Strida 4.0?

They seem to be the “Mini-Stridas” showed on Taipei Cycle Show 2008. :unamused:

So now they’ve filled in the gap. But I thought the number 4 is supposed to be unlucky.

Unfortunately for me as a tall and heavy guy. They should make a Strida 6 for us 6 feet 4 Inch.

Mark is a tall guy. 190cm? I’m just a tad taller. 194.
He has put the saddle above the pins they have to indicate
highest position that is stabilized by those pins so one need to
tighten the Allen bolts real tight to not make the saddle seat wiggle around.

The local Sprtex Bike shop some 45 minutes away from my home refused to let me adjust the seat that high so that could have influenced how it felt riding the Strida too.

As you all know by now? Good friendly Strida owners in the
got very upset with me telling about my own very subjective experience
on how it feels to keep balance on a Strida.

Maybe if they make an even bigger one I could master it easier
but we are too few tall people buying it. Would cost them too much.

Anyway. I love to be here with you folks in this forum. Have always
admired Mark’s ability to try our things. IF is truly amazing.

Strida 4.x is the internal version used by Ming Cycle and the name for the local Taiwan market.
They will use the name “Strida Mini” for the markets outside Taiwan.

The Strida 4.x/Strida Mini is recommended for persons who are under 150cm tall, such as petite ladies or children.