Strida 3 Stem bolt (part 262) has sheared

The bolt (part no 262) which fits through the cam lever securing the handlebars has sheared inside the threaded receiver within the stem. Has anyone any experience of this and removing it or advice on how to disassemble the hinged stem cap which might allow me better access to the flippin’ thing?


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Could you take pics of the broken parts?

The hinge of the stem cap is all which can (perhaps) be separated; it’s made of steel rods.
I believe it should be possible to punch the rods out by using thin drift punch and hammer.
But I’m afraid that steel bolt remains and aluminium frame are seized together and its still impossible to turn the bolt (tail).

Thanks B.S.A.

All things considered, I won’t take any pictures - the space is so small that it would be difficult to really show the problem. Besides, I’ve been busy at the weekend drilling the bolt tail out. Think I might have it now but need to chase the threads to see if I’m in luck or stuck with buying a new bike!

The latter option doesn’t sound too bad mind you - I would go for the red 18" SX - but I do love my trusty old 3.

I had the same problem, I finally managed to extract it by drilling with 1mm drill bit (cobalt Steel drill) forming a line, into which I could insert a screwdriver.

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What material is the bolt?, to acquire a new one … i bought some bolts but I do not think the material is adequate (zinc plated steel), It is also short, the length of the original is 5cm and the one I bought is 4cm

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Hi jagmagana,

it seems recommendable to change at this chance also the small black plastic part below the lever.

If you plan to use a non-Strida M5 x 45 mm Allen bolt please do not forget to apply a little drop of (Loctite) thread locking compound at the bolt’s end :wink:

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Thanks Christian!!!

I like Strida Canada, and i bought some items, Bill is very friendly.

But for this item, shipping costs are very expensive for such a cheap item, article (5$) and shipping costs to my country (Spain: 20$).

Maybe with some discount code it would be cheaper … I will try to locate a similar bolt in my city.
The piece of plastic will be harder to find it here…

Best regards !!!

Finally i bought items in Bill shop (, I did not notice that the prices are in Canadian dollars, and the price is lower than I expected. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Today, arrived my order from Bill shop

Perfect!!! Thanks Bill !!!

Before and after repair the hole (With Pattex Nural 21) :wink:

How did that happen?
Did you try a much too long bolt and used force?

Hi !!!,

My problem was that the bolt was broken (being inside the thread), I could not extract it by its normal output … then I observed (through the hole in the brake cable and with the help of a flashlight) that the thread was not blind, continued through the another extreme … I made a hole to access the bolt on that side to extract it out there … drilling with a 1mm cobalt in the center of the bolt to form a “line” where I could hook the screwdriver … after extract the bolt i closed the hole with special putty for metal … a little adventure …

I hope you did consider that you perforated the steering tube once more - there are already two holes at the underside (for the brake cables) in that area.
You did know that it is (generally) possible to order single Strida tubes?
Honestly mate - I’d recommend to change that tube :neutral_face:

Yes, I know that a third hole can weaken the structure … the hole has been closed with a special metal paste and for now It looks strong like a rock. My daily journey to work on the Strida is very calm … If I detect in the future any kind of weakness or fissure in the piece will change the full piece. Thanks :smiley: :smiley: