strida 3 rear wheel hub cracked

does anybody have a good used strida 3 rear plastic wheel/rim they wish to sell?
Mines is cracked. Alternatively, how do I order/get a price a new one from strida?
I cant see any email contact address on strida uk website for spare parts.

At the moment there seems to be just one shop which is offering these wheels officially;
it’s Strida France:

@99 Euros… Ouch!

Hi, Same problem. My Strida 3 rear belt hub is completely worn out. Do you have a replacement:

  1. Rear wire spoke wheel for Strida 3 or
  2. Rear belt hub for Strida 3 or
  3. Front and Rear plastic wheels for Strida 3

Same problem here… Did you find a solution?

Does anybody have an idea where to get it? I read somewhere (but can’t find it anymore) that 3D-printing it could be a solution.

Please give me some thoughts.

Thanks, Guy (Belgium)

mk 1 top joint moulding required
was 3D printing mentioned, did you mean that post?

Strida France still has the plastic wheels in stock;
metal wheels are most likely not available any longer; but there’s one set left in Vienna though.

Thank you; I ordered it there.

Greetings, Guy

Always at your servie, thank you for the feedback!

Kind regards,