Strida 3 Brakes

I need to replace the front and rear brakes on a Strida 3, but I’m struggling to find where I can buy the parts necessary to do so.

Does anyone know of anywhere in Europe that sells the parts necessary to restore the brakes to fully functioning order?



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Did you try here?

Back then sold Strida France some of the ancient parts but I’m afraid there isn’t anything left over.
You need to ask them yourselves:

There is still an official source for that part; unfortunately not in Europe, but in Korea:

I’m definitely not sure if the brake assembly is all you need for flawless function.

But I do have a few of these brake assemblies laying around here in Vienna :sunglasses:
Maybe you want to mail me? :mrgreen:



I’m certainly interested. Do you want to pm me your email address?



Above/below one should work; otherwise please use one of those at your private forum mailbox :wink:

Hi J, i bought 2 from Korea and they work fine. Nice and shiny and cheap too. You can also flip over the brake activation levers to get more use of the thick brake shoes.

Are the drum brake assies the same (front / rear)?

Thanks and greetz, Guy (Belgium)

Indeed yes.

Thank you!


I’m in need for new brake shoes (or a complete assembly) for just the rear wheel of my Strida 3. I went to the Korean site, but since I couldn’t find a way to get the site in English and I have no idea what the Korean text means. I live in the Netherlands and I wonder if someone in Europe could supply me with a new brake. Otherwise it might be an option to have the brake shoes refurbished, but then I’d need to know how thick they should be…


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As you’re not registered could you please contact me?

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Of je kan Google Chrome gebruiken; daarin worden internetpagina’s automatisch vertaald, als je dat wil!

In plain English:
Or you can use Google Chrome; internetpages are automatically translated, if you want!

But I’m sure Chris will have a solution for you!

Don’t forget: when you want to import from outside the EU, try to keep the total amount (goods INCLUDING shipment cost!) underneath 22 euro, so that you don’t have to pay customs nor taxes.

Greetings - Belgisch-Limburgse groetjes


And these translations can be very…hmmm…entertaining, too :smiley:

Many thanks Guy :smiley:

To be honest: I was afraid for that. But the Google Translations are very good, in fact. Or maybe I used translation from Korean to English? I don’t remember.

I even ended up mailing them and I got a correct answer. But before buying I first need to check what exactly is the problem with the brake. And I don’t have much time at the moment, so we bought a second hand Strida LT for the moment!



To be honest, too; I’ve used that function the last time years ago to try reading at the (Chinese) Strida Club…but back then were the results in the best case entertaining, most of that was complete nonsense.

Have a safe ride with your new LT :sunglasses:



Hi there, sorry to reopen an old thread but I am also after a pair of brake assemblies. I have mailed strida tw, but had no reply in trying to get some sent to the UK. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Recently acquired a 3.2 that appears to have been underwater. I snapped the brake shoes trying to seize them :frowning:

Just order it with this link (this is for Strida 3): … 1503020790

Like I did 2 years ago.

Don’t know where you are from, but 15.000 WON = a little bit more than 11 euro. In Europe, to avoid extra cost for customs and tax, your order (including shipping cost!!!) should be no more than 22,00 euro. This is important to avoid negative surprises!

Or: ask Chris if he could help you!

Good luck, Guy

Hello Guy,

yes indeed, the Koreans still have them, thanks!
Hope you’re fine :smiley:



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If the way above doesn’t work please return to here.
(It may be that there are some left over here in Vienna - just I couldn’t find them right now, I’ll look again with daylight :neutral_face: )



Next Visitor… same Problems

I need for my old Strida Brakes… I am lockated in Germany - Shool-English is old… Shool long time ago…

I sended a mail to Chris - mayme anybody else could help and knows an adress where the parts are available?!

best wishes Manne

Sorry, no more in Vienna :confused:

But it seems we can still get them via Korea, plz contact me :wink:

Edit: As said in private already, accidentally I’ve found four more in an abandoned box, labeled with “Rims” :laughing: