Strida 3 brake replacement: need help!

Hey there Strida fans!

Recently I moved from a very flat city to a very hilly one and I noticed that the brakes on my Strida 3 weren’t up to the task of stopping safely when going downhill.

None of the Strida specialists in my area are very good at returning emails or phone calls, so I’ve decided to fix it myself.

I was able to buy some replacement drum brake “shoes” from a bike parts shop, and while I’ve been able to get at the drum brake by taking the wheel off, but I have no way of removing the old worn away shoes. The pin which holds the shoes onto the break don’t seem to want to come off – there’s no way I can see that it can be done without risking ruining the entire drum brake.

I’m a little lost of how to proceed – does anyone have any experience with this or maybe is able to point me in the right direction? I’d love to get my Strida back on the road!