Strida 3.0 Back wheel removal imposible


I took the screw and the magnet out…the whell doesn’t go out. No with force no with nothing…

What am I missing???



Hello Cesar,

it’s just a guess, but what if bearings and axle were connected (over the years) by rust?

I don’t believe that you miss something…things became simply stuck.
(According to the technical drawings of the Strida 3 it is very similar to the later versions - so I’d assume the wheel should be easily to detach after unmounting of bolt 379, washer 165 and the three washers 376, magnet counterpart 336 and the magnet spacer 338.
I hope you’ve got the Strida 3 manual with the drawings; if not please supply me an email where I can send the pdf.)

Did you try to soak the axle overnight with thin oil?

Do you have plastic or metal wheels?

Kind regards,


Hi, thanks

I have plastic wheels. I’ll try to oil it and see. In principle is super easy, but is totally stack.

I also notice after installing properly a new brake cable this wheel doesn’t stop at all, the brake works fine but it doesn’t press enough to stop the bike. THe cable position is correct but it seems it will need 3cm more to be able to press the the brake better…but…there is this metal part in between, and touches it and stops pressing. Is maybe a posibility that the previous owner has put the metal part that attaches the break cable, in the wrong position? Then I am lossing 180 grades of pressure in the brake power…

Maybe is easier with photos to explain this…

(And changing the inner rear cable of my strida 5 just broke the outer cable…great…the cable was real trapped too…so now…a new repair…I am so stupid, always better to cut the front and release it from the back…but, ya, bad moves… :slight_smile:



Agree… :question:

Hi all,

I have an imo worn plastic rear wheel and wanted to replace it with a metal freewheel + 16" rear wheel.

However, I am yet unable to figure out if I can replace the old wheel-with-plastic-‘sprocket’-attached with modern wheels.

Can anyone help me out?

Kind regards, G

Hi G,

first, we need to be sure which version of Strida you own, are you sure that yours is a Strida 3.0?

If you’re unsure, please send an image of your rear wheel to the mail adress below.



Thanks for the images, that is surely a 3.0.

These old wheels are not any longer available.

Replacing it with a modern wheel does not make sense to me because you would loose your rear brake.
Also, by replacing, you’d get two freewheel mechanisms - which is also nonsense.