Strida 2 steering pivot bolts stuck

I have a Strida 2. The horizontal bolts that hold the pivot pin to the steering tube act like they are corroded into place. I have tried “Liquid Wrench” with no joy. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I don’t know whether the bolts/screws used to hold the steering pin on Strida 2 are interchangeable with those used on Strida 3 or 5 or not. :unamused:

Steering pin of Strida 2

Steering pin of Strida 3

I have no idea what Amuro Lee’s comment and pictures mean.
I still have my problem. The bolts are stuck.
TIA for your generous help.


Sorry, I have no solution but I’ve the same problem with a stuck bolt in a different location. I am unable to unscrew the bolt and nut that fastens the seat to the seat post bracket. It has absolutely seized up. I cannot budge it using 13mm metric socket wrenches on both ends. I suspect the nut is cross threaded and I may have to take it to a mechanic to shear the bolt in order to replace it.

I see. You mean that the blots are stuck on the steering pin mountings and cannot be removed before replacing them, right?
I’ve also couldn’t budge the blots a bit on my Strida 3 to adjust the angle of the steering pin which had been slanted by accident. Then, I’ve used a mallet to hit the pin to make it back to the the correct position. The blots/screws are really tight. :confused:

If the hex hole is damaged you will have to use a dremel handheld hobby grinder/cutter disc, and carefully cut the head of the screw to have 2 parallel flat sides, then use a tight fitting spanner (or mole grips) to tightly grip the head and hopefully unscrew the screw.

These screws are very tight, and they are fitted with locktite. If they were loose and allowed to ‘rock’ in their holes the holes would soon be worn and the joints weakened.

Failing that - the heads could be cut or drilled off and then, with the pin off the bike the remaining threads could be drilled out and the holes re-tapped or threaded. This may need an engineering shop tho’ … I wouldn’t like to have to do it … like root canal work on teeth , good luck !!