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Hi all proud owners of this wonderful bike. Ok Strida “2” is a bit old now when all of you own Strida “5”.

I own a Strida 3.2 or something but have only ride it a handful of times and are extremely bad
at the mechanics of the plastic locking mechanics of the wheels. They have no Magnet so
one need to find somebody who are used to lock the non-magnet wheels together.

Here is original thread. It is not me but none have helped the poster so I thought maybe
you guys who are known to care about Strida reputation would care.

I am Weakling and Lazy at that too. sorry I fail to come up with good answer but feel for
that together we should give it a try. what do you say? we owe it as friendly owners of the marvelous bike don’t we? :slight_smile:

On Strida 1 & 2 each wheel has the same plastic male clip (like a thin mushroom) , but in addition the rear wheel has another part attached to it … to form the female keeper fro the front ‘mushroom’ (sorry for multiple metaphors!!)… it sound like this ‘female’ part is missing.

These were easy to damage and break, and then if not noticed they can be lost. Mark sanders’ used to keep a stock but these are now all gone. Ming cycles have the tool , but unles many are ordered it would be difficult to get them to make only a few. I suggest you find a piece of rubbery tube about same size as the plastic male parts and fix this to the back (say with a nylon tiewrap) so that it is a slight snap/grip fit with the front part … to keep the wheels aligned and together.

If this doesn’t make any sense please see the Mk1 (also used for Mk2) manual which is available on Strida EU website eg … … ge=manuals
or direct to PDF…

internet is great … its all there if you look hard enough :smiley:

Can we just use the wheels of Strida 3 to replace the wheels on Strida 2?

There is a Strida 2.5 here in Hong Kong which has a magnet on its front wheel. I think the former owner has replaced the original wheels with a pair of plactic wheels from Strida 3.2.
[url]Photos of a modified Strida 2.5 in Hong Kong]

There is also a Strida 2.5 in Taiwan with magnetic clip on its wheels.

Can we just use the wheels of Strida 3 to replace the wheels on Strida 2?

That is a great question Amuro :sunglasses: … Thankyou for reminding me … YES,

Strida3+ wheels can be used on Strida1 & 2 BUT the axles must also be changed, as Strida3 + uses cartridge bearings. This would give the magnetic wheel clip system. The brake shoes may need to be adjusted or shaved / filed to fit (or use Strida 3 brakes too).

Thanks to all of you. Very friendly of you.
I downloaded both pdf files and it seems that
Sweden received a in between version. Not a
“2” and not a "3.22 either cause the one I bought
has no magnet, it has the old Plastic flang version
and are very difficult to click together. One have
to beat it hard to click.

Amuro thanks for linking to here from the bikeforums thread.

I’m not sure of if the original poster have checked in and
comment. In case she or he read here it is possible to comment
here without being member.

There is a special edition of Strida 3.3 exclusively for Sweden.

I saw it on a Japanese website:

The special edition has two colours, black and iPod White:

Japanese translation websites:

Yes, thanks, they The Sportex company not only had that special made version
the one I bought was special too in that it had not the magnet and not the foldable pedals
but it looks very much like a regular 3.2 to me. same spokes and all the rest.

I am not complaining it cost me much less than the original.

Maybe you’ve bought the early version of Strida 3 which still uses plastic clip rings to stick the wheels together when folded.

Early version of Strida 3 in Japan
Early Strida 3.jpg
Photo of early Strida 3 production at Ming Cycle from Mark’s web alumb … 5754217730

Bingo, your right on. that is the one I have. Strida 3.0 and not 3.2 then.

Does it have the same geometry or was that one before Steadman did all the changes
together with Sanders? I hope it was after the changes :slight_smile: Strida 2 as the old version and 3 as the changed geometry?

Yes, all models of Strida 3 and 5 have the same geometry and made by Ming Cycle in Taiwan.
The frame colour of Strida 3.0 is polished silver. Strida 3.1 is brush Silver in frame colour and comes with unfoldable padels.