Strida 2 New Owner

Strida 2 New Owner

Hi Folks

First week as a Strida owner - lots of fun already…

I have a consistent knocking/tapping sound - regardless of pedaling…

Should i be concerned or just ignore it!?!


Hi Daveasini,

really hard to tell something meaningful here…at these ancient versions are drive train and rear wheel connected constantly, it will be tricky to find the source of a consistent noise.
Could you perhaps record that sound with your mobile phone?
…and you did know that these versions are ~ 20 or even more years old?



Hi Chris,

Many thanks for your response.

Yes I think that it was made in the UK in 1998! (For me that is ultra new! My regular rides are 1930s to 1960s). I am planning to take it along to a vintage bike meet on Saturday…I expect a few comments! But as a design classic for me it makes sense!

The noise does not occur when on the workshop stand which is odd!

I was thinking that it was related to the belt and ‘free wheel’ mech. Normally I would get the WD40 out but the advice I have read suggest this would be a bad move! I am not too bothered as anything that gives a bit of warning I am coming along is no bad thing!

You’re welcome :smiley:

Oh good! I think a vintage bike meeting is the perfect chance; perhaps you can find somebody who can identify the issue locally, with the bike on hand.

Noise not occuring at the workstand - that means no load.

You wrote a consistent sound - it does not depend on pedaling.
But it does depend on speed?

I think that was good advice, better be careful with WD40.

Hmmm…what I would do first anyway is that: Check wheels and frame tubes for cracks.

Please feel free to send videos also to my address above if you’re unable to upload.