Strida 18" carbon wheelset (ST-WS-007)

So finally they’re on the market :sunglasses:

Front wheel 520 grams
Rear wheel 540 grams

Looking at the price without medical assistance seems not recommendable…

Just two pics more :wink:

How much are these?

Official Korean price 800000 KRW = 600 € = 790 US$

Unfortunately I don’t know an European or American official price yet, estimated are 500 - 700 €

Wow, very cool.
I wonder how much weight they save over the stock wheels?
I would actually prefer them in 16" so I can keep my Big Apple tires on, but I am surprised someone made these.
Now, I can only pray for a carbon frame.

As the original wheels (18" without brake rotors/freewheel/tyres/tubes) are weighing
~ 650 grams rear and ~ 625 grams front, you might save about 105 - 110 grams per wheel :wink:

A carbon frame is already available. Was able to see and touch one. The crank arms are made of carbon fiber too.