Strida 18", 2 speed for Sale


I have a Strida with 18", 2 speed for sale. The bicycle is in good condition. I have made a few updated like brake disc and brake levels. I sell the bike :frowning: because i do not use it anymore.

For the moment the bicycle is in Brussels, but free shipping is included if you are in my way back home (or very close to my path): Brussels, Koln, Frankfurt, Wurzburg, Nurenberg, Passau, Viena, Budapesta, Debrecen, Oradea…

feel free to ask any questions

Price is around 950 EUR as it is. In the price an original Strida bag is included.

Just a tipp: We can’t see the pic(s) unless we would make an account at the linked marketplace. That might put off buyers.

Here’s the tutorial how to post pics in the forum:

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hello Neon,
Here is my tip. For bets result meaning to insert photo only instead of link to other site please follow these steps:

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[url]the new frame bag for Strida]

I hope this helps. Feel free to ask in case any doubts.

:bulb: Thank you, MarSal.

My intention was just to show a very short, easy, foolproof way to link a pic to the forum. Because people often don’t want to deal with different codes and resizing.

But for myself I really prefer your way.

Hi Neon,

Words of wisdom you wrote. I just realize I tend to get into details so easy. Here I shoud have simply written

insert that code the site gives when correct selection has been chosen.

Then a break…

And then a side note for those who are willing to eliminate that link function, that tip how to strip that code.

Next time I should think three times before submitting asking myself is this simple enough, the essential only?