Strida 1 Wheel

I have a Strida 1 that I love but hasn’t been used in a long time due to the front wheel being damaged (it had a knock the wheel is gone)

Does anyone know if a replacement wheel can still be bought for Strida 1? I’m OK with it not clicking back together with the back wheel perfectly, I just want to ride it again.

Does anyone know if you can modify other standard wheels to fit?

Would love any help on this, Sorry If I’m rehashing previous debates.


Hello Squack,

According to several requests to Ming cycle and Strida Europe - no!

Due to the very special construction of the MK1 wheels (wheel does include the brake drum) it will not be posssible to modify any standard wheel, I’m afraid of.

Maybe you could speak to “inseq”, the poster of the thread below, perhaps you’ve got spare parts to exchange with him.

pic from here:!!NEW!! mk1 spareparts

Good luck!

Thanks for the reply and the heads up, I appreciate it.