stolen strida - looking for a replacement

Hi all
I’m a heartbroken strida3 owner - well ex-owner because some light fingered tea-leaf has relieved me of my strida3 - on one of the extremely rare occasions when I locked it up - outside the Rio Cinema in Hackney

I’m looking for a replacement - strida 3 or newer
Anyone know of any strida’s needing a good home?
I am a major strida fan - having swapped away from my big bike very soon after I got my strida in 2007

If I was rolling in cash I’d just snap up the latest model
But I am not and am quite shocked to see that the Strida has doubled in price since I bought mine

Any help or suggestions welcome
Apart from the obvious - dont leave your bike outside a cinema, dont live in Hackney etc etc
I’m hurting enough

Thanks for your time lovely Strida peeps

By the way if anyone tries to flog any of you a dodgy strida3 - do ask them to contact me
I’ll give a reward for its safe return

Hello Jes,

I’m very sorry to hear that :frowning:

Maybe you should post your problem here, also:

Good luck!

Commiserations :cry:
I know I’d feel like id had a limb cut off if I lost my Strida :laughing:

Still: Checkout Ebay UK: Strida3 seem to go for £100 - 200 and Strida5’s for £200-300 … 86.c0.m282

Thanks for kind words
Am watching a couple on ebay…

BTW does anyone know how I find out what my frame number was?
(I know I should have taken a note of it but I don’t think I did - and I want to give it to the police just in case it helps)

I have my receipt number …
but as I bought it in May 2007 I dont know if the company have kept records as they have been sold on?
Or is that receipt number the same as the frame number?


I don’t think the receipt # has anything to do with the frame number. But as for my I wrote my frame number down on my strida instruction booklet which i keep in my closet just in case. Sorry for the loss. My strida is the bike I ride 98% of the time also for daily commuting and even park rides. I find my full sized bike just sluggish after that.

Oh! I’m sorry to hear that. :frowning:

Maybe if you contact some of the authorized dealers there are still some Strida 3.0s hanging around which would hopefully be a bit cheaper? I would be kind of leery about Ebay since there are (or were) a lot of cheap knock-offs around.

I am also sorry for your loss.

Thanks chaps
I’ve tried reporting it to the Hackney Cycle Crime Unit (who specialise in retrieving high profile bikes)
No one has called me back yet
Will keep you posted

I just took possession of a fab barely used strida 3.2 – so a notch better than my old model and only a couple of months younger. and in such good nick!
thank you ukpaul1968 from ebay
a happy ending
now I am going to register it with the police get it chipped etc etc

Congratulations. :slight_smile:

x 2 :mrgreen: