Sticking an IGH into a single-speed 18" Strida?


I read the “Gear ratios information about different models of Strida” thread, which mentions that the 18" EVO has the following speeds in terms of meters of development:

To get a wider range to use the Strida to travel around, what about getting a single-speed 18" Strida, and replacing the regular back hub with an internal gear hub? Has someone done this?

Incidently, what’s the difference between the 5.0, SX, and LT?

Thank you.

Hi Winfried,

yes sure, many Strida users would like to use an IGH…
Just, there is none on the market which can be used on a single side mount - take a look at the common ones - all of them are intended to be mounted on two points.
A while ago there was a single-side IGH presented by (oh well…I believe it was Cannondale?), but it’s still just a prototype.
Moreover that are (even if single sided) IGH’s not that narrow - too wide for the extremely narrow Strida hubs…
Why do you think they (Ming) did so much work with the development of the EVO bottom bracket drive?
Answer: Because there’s simply not other possibility to get more gears (besides the unreliable ATS and the expensive Schlumpf two speed drives).

To the mentioned difference, mainly

5.0 → 16 inch metal wheels, metal bottom bracket
SX → 18 inch wheels, metal bottom bracket
LT → 16 inch plastic wheels, plastic bottom bracket

There might be also other little differences regarding supplied accessories, but these are depending on the local distributor and their taste, too.

Thanks for the infos.

Sorry to hear it’s impossible to replace the hub with an IGH :-/

Nono, you got me wrong - I didn’t claim it’s impossible!
I can’t see a solution with common parts right now, but that could change at any time :smiley:

Btw, here’s the thread meant before;
imagine this hub would be a bit more narrow (and on the market!) - we’d be winners :laughing:

It’s strange that Strida didn’t come up with a IGH-based model. That would be a great improvement.

Perhaps they were afraid of the additionally required cable?

Honestly, no idea…I think it would have been easier to realize than the bottom bracket drive…

But we may ask them at the Eurobike 2015!

Please do.

They don’t even answer e-mails :wink:


I’d say there must be something went wrong, usually they do reply…

Perhaps you want to give me permission to forward your message?
Of course you can tell me in private too, I’d be happy to give it a try.

There’s nothing private about this question. I’m obviously not the only potential customers who’d buy a Strida if it had a wider range, although I understand that coming up with a new frame is not a minor change:

I’ll keep any eye on what comes out of Eurobike 2015.

I see…
But Ming just recently:

  • changed their frame to the EN compliant version (several frame strength enhancements)
  • and changed it another time for the EVO (bigger bottom bracket diameter).

Actually I don’t think that Ming might consider to change the frames again, but who knows?

Another way seems thinkable; though I didn’t research the technical details:
What do you think about a Pinion drive?

Looks good. I don’t know 1) how it compares to Schlumpf and 2) if it’d provide Strida with a 2.5-8m development.

BTW, what does the EVO use?

As mentioned above, I didn’t even calculate if it would be possible to use the (newer) Pinion drives - regarding primary ratio and the possible chainwheel - pulley combinations.
(I believe it would be necessary to switch to chain drive.)

The EVO drive is made by Sturmey-Archer, exclusively for the EVO :sunglasses:

EVO 3_Sturmey Archer KS3 diagram

It makes more sense that SA should come up with a wider-range solution for the Strida.

Besides, Pinion is too expensive for a €1K bike … ompetitor/

I’ve heard the newer nine speed Pinion should be cheaper…
The articles are regarding the quite expensive 18 speed version…correct me if I’m wrong please…

Original Pinion would be too expensive…correct.
Original Schlumpf was too expensive - ATS license product created - problem solved…
What if…

The Schlumpf-license ATS is OK but it doesn’t solve the problem of the limited range available on the Strida, even in the EVO version.

But since ATS and Strida are from Taiwan, they should talk to each other and see if they can come up with a solution.