Sport Duo w 20” Wheels?

This eBay listing out of St. Petersburg claims to be selling a one-off Sport Duo with 20” wheels. Anyone ever seen 20” wheels on a Strida? Looking at how close the tire sits to the bottom tube latch, I’m inclined to believe it is real. Also, could it be a Strida XL frame since it seems larger than typical? Essentially, I’m wondering: is this a Strida unicorn?

Thanks very much dear Conrad,

wow, what an interesting find!
Strida meets talented model in company with skilled photographer :smiley:

Well; let’s look closer at that thing…no - check the outer tyre edges and their position relative to the locking latch and the frame bend rear, then compare with your own Strida.
Obviously the wheels are very large, indeed managed the Russians “somehow” to install 406er rims.
(Personal opinion: Contrary to most likely any other bike; on Strida it is NOT a big problem if the wheels are not exactly centered!)

That is in fact a unicorn…regarding the price I assume that the model is also included?

…and…just, unicorn-typical, it is maybe not so suitable for the real world?

It seems we have here the combination of a 100T beltwheel and an ATS speed drive which means:

  • The first “lower” gear will be higher than any common single speed Strida.
  • And the second, (much, much) higher gear will generate a development ratio which is beyond good and evil.
    (Or, if you like numbers more - we are at ~ 8,40 m per crank rotation, good for 36 km/h…if you can pedal 90U/min)
    Gear ratios information about different models of Strida

LOL! Fantastic post, as usual BSA! Thanks for your insights! I vaguely remember Strida briefly offering a small version of the bike around the time of the 5.0. Did they ever offer a large version too, intended for taller & heavier riders?

Thanks very much, glad that you like it. :smiley:

I don’t think so; what they did was to offer a smaller version.
Our friend Sam from Taiwan posted here a nice bunch of “Strida Mini” images:

New Strida EVO (from Taiwan) / with old Mini4.1