Sport Duo - oiling gears

What kind of oil is required for the ATS Speed Drive?
The instructions just say “oil”.
Is 5w-30 motor oil ok?

It’s MoS[size=70]2[/size]-lube. :wink:
(For English, please scroll down to page 2)

Molybdenum disulfide (MoS[size=70]2[/size])

Moly lube,
that’s a grease, isn’t it?
I think that I will use oil the next time,
it’s getting cold here.

Guess that’s the product:

HI guys,

I was wondering if you experienced clicking sound in the ATS Speed Drive. I bought a 2nd hand SD and I though it only needs grease since there is some stiffness when rotating the cranks by hand compared to my other SD which was bought brad new. I applied MOS2 grease but seems that there’s still a clicking sound. This clicking sound is present on both low and high gear.

Another thing I found “unusual” is that when I back pedaled on high gear/overdrive (while the bike is stationary) it “skips” or seems to be disengaged from the planetary gears. I’m not sure if this is normal or something is broken inside like gear teeth already worn out or the gear is not fully engaged. But this happens only when back pedaling and not during normal pedaling.

I just couldn’t figure out the clicking the and the skipping. Really tempted to pour an entire bottle of oil in the ATS.

Hi Chester,

maybe you could visit your local Strida dealer, he should be able to check the drive’s function.

In the speed drive manual, nowadays to be found here:

there is below trouble-shooting (chapter F-1) a chapter “skipping”, perhaps it is helpful.
Also recommendable might be the chapter B-5 about the gear shift button adjustment.

That’s not a good idea, I mean:

Above are extracts of chapter C-1, maintenance/lubrication.

It’s no secret that there were actually some warranty claims with the ATS drive in the past (assumed by Ming cycle).

Thanks BSA! I think the buttons are suspect since compared to my first SD. The shifting sound is “KLAK!” and the shift button is kinda hard to push with the hands while the problem SD’s sound is a dampend “KLOK!” and it’s much easier to push the shift lever. I have already ordered a tool set from my distributor. I hope this solves the problem.