Spare Parts

Hello Strida Community!
I have recently acquired a Strida… in a very sorry condition and have set out to repair it… the only components that require replacement are the drum brake pads. Well… that how it seems presently! I’ve done my best to see if I can find the answer deep within the forum and it seems there isn’t anywhere selling them. The serial number for the bike is - M5E011596
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers! P

Hello pilgy,

welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

Well…you’re late to the party…seems that this Korean merchant is “the last man standing”…

Just be careful, these above do NOT fit MK1, but definitely Strida 3.
(Any images to help verifying?)

Good luck,


Many thanks for the tip, Chris!
This bike has been sitting around unwanted for many years… it’d be great if it could be restored or at the very least used by someone for spares…
Here is a link to a photo -
Cheers! P

Thanks for the image!
Yes that is anyway a Strida 3 version, with metal spoked wheels (instead of plastic) and the upwards tilted stem like on actual versions.
One hint more for the Korean, most likely you are unable to use the Korean shop basket functions (like me :laughing: ) - just contact the store via email (at the bottom of each page).