[SOLVED] Evo 3 : clicking noise and creaking noise


I’m new on the forum and I have just bought a new Strida Evo 3 18 inches.
I’ve been owning a LT for 2 years and I decided to buy the Evo 3 to be faster and to climb more easily.

Two problems :

  • The first, is a little clicking noise when pedaling. It is continuous and comes from the KS3 gear box.
  • The second, is a creaking noise when pedaling hard. I already noticed this noise on my previous LT strida and it cames from the junction beetween horizontal bar and saddle bar.

On the new strida, I tried to put grease beetween the two bars, and to put grease under the cup spring, but the noise is still here.

Do Evo 3 owners have the same problems, and solved them ?

Thank you

Hello sunkist-evo3,

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Unfortunately still not an EVO owner, but I think to remember that a gentle clicking noise is normal…
Does it appear in each gear?

For the creaking I’d say you mentioned a typical symptom (high load = “pedaling hard”) of the issue below:

Strida 5.0 “clicking” noise
We’ve created recently a repair kit for exactly this failure, you can find more info in your mailbox (upper left corner) :wink:


Thank you for your fast answer.
Yes the clicking noise appears in each gear. It’s like a freewheel noise but very weaker.

Thanks for the link to the repairing tutorial, I will try to follow it !


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I share a video of my Evo 3 wherein the sound of a click is seen by spinning the pedals I want to know if it is normal or is it a failure and if so how to repair thank you very much

Hi Max,

welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

Please don’t worry, the sound you’re hearing is caused by a ratchet mechanism inside of the EVO gear box, similar to the ratchet (=freewheel or pulley) of the rear wheel.

You had to notice also a sound change depending on the chosen gear- correct?
(Sound and number of clicks per crank round of gear 1 are different to gear 2 and 3.)

Did the sound become louder by the time?
Does your gear box work as it should?

ok perfect thank you very much . the gearbox works perfectly , doubt was that noise if it was normal

I own two Strida, an LT and recently an Evo.
I bought both used but in very very good condition.

I red the posts above but I’d like to have another confirm that the click noise from central hub of Evo is normal.

It’s quite bad because my evo with Kojak tire is very silent, and this clicking noise is very annoying… :unamused:

I have had the experience of riding several, actually many different EVO bikes. What I have found unusual is if there isn’t a noise from the gear box. Most EVOs that I have ridden make a ticking noise that changes speed depending on the gear. The sound level also differs from different bikes. Without hearing yours it is not possible to know if it is louder than normal. I understand your comment of otherwise the Strida being a very quiet bike.
For the rear hinge noise I have made this blog post that may help with your understanding of the problem and it’s cures. stridacanada.ca/?p=3208

I would welcome any comments Strida fans may have to my post.

regards Bill stridacanada.ca

Thank you Bill for your fast support:
here is a video I made yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkqQbcilCzw

I was really close with my iPhone so the sound seems more louder than it is in reality…

Guess that was you?
Please just let me know - so I can assign the post to your user name :wink:
(Usually I try via IP - but was unsure in your case…)

Yes that is the ticking noise that I am used to hearing, it might be a little louder than usual. It would be nice to know more of the working of the KS3. It is something that I have been thinking of and working on but nothing to report at this time. If I learn more I will post.


Yes, thank you, it was me, I didn’t realise I could post without login… :frowning:

Thank you Bill. Did you experience if after time and kilometers the sound go to quiet? I bought this Evo used but it made only a couple of kilometers, so it’s like new.

I was looking for some inside photo or schema of Sturmey Archer with no luck… :cry:

Anyway I’m very happy with my two Strida! (the LT is for my girfriend)

Hi giraz,

don’t worry, after a while you will be automatically logged out, that happened to all of us several times…

Ah - you just overlooked it; Bietrume posted the Sturmey Archer patent link here some time ago:

Re: The 3-speed Strida

I do know what you’re meaning; on Kojaks is the ride (nearby) completely noiseless - but on single speed or Schlumpf drive only.
(Moreover that I do prefer the kick switch technique instead of pedaling backwards…)

Perhaps we can see here the difference between “Taiwanese excellence” and “Swiss precision”?

It’s not really consolatory for us to know that even high tech gears drives - like the Pinon for example - are making these noises…
Btw, at the Pinion drive are actually built in freewheels the generator of the sounds…and I do believe that’s the same thing with the Sturmey Archer. In my imagination the Sturmey Archer must work like that:
Guess there must be freewheels inside, one for each pair of the three gears.
Switching means to block the freewheel of the chosen gear pair and let the other two do their freewheeling work.
And that’s the sound we can hear…

Step1: Give your EVO to your honey :slight_smile:
Step2: Throw the LT wheels and the plastic bottom bracket into the trash bin.
Step3: Get yourself nice 18 inch wheels and an ATS (Schlumpf) speed drive kit.

Step4: Ride on in distinguished silence :sunglasses:

Thank you BlackStridaAustria I saw the Sturmey Archer patent, your suggestion to reach the “perfect silent riding” is interesting, but I think my girlfriend would throw me out of the house if I spend more money on bikes! :confused:

By the way I’m planning to upgrade my Evo with mudguards, alloy carrier with strap and kickstand… :smiling_imp:

[offtopic mode=on]I live in Italy but I like Austria, I went two time to Natter See camping near Innsbruck.

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You don’t need to tell the whole truth…that’s why I’ve meant not to buy a complete new SD - a few “replacement” or “spare” parts here and there are not that suspicious… :smiling_imp:

Most likely your parts source will be Strida Roma?

Favourite travel target of my gf is a region which you will know - Toskana!
Oh yes, I do remember camping with motorcycle and tent - was quit funny back then…guess my last camping travel was at that time when the Strida MK1 was still on the market

Nowadays I’d prefer a “camper” of that style;

of course the minicar had to be replaced by motorcycles :laughing:
And the whole workshop will fit in the bus, too!

Thank you Bill. Did you experience if after time and kilometers the sound go to quiet? I bought this Evo used but it made only a couple of kilometers, so it’s like new.

I haven’t noticed a change in the sound of the KS3 after time and use,


Erwähnter Blogeintrag jetzt auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar:
Mentioned blog post now also available in German language:

faltradforum.de/Strida’s hinteres Gelenk erklärt

Many thanks to Bill for authorizing the translation :smiley:


I’m coming back with my creaking noise on EVO3.

I made 3 tests to try to localize the problem :

TEST 1 : rear 373 bolt and cup spring

I loosened 373 bolt and introduced a space of 1 milimeter beetween the 2 strida tubes and beetween the external tube and the cup spring
=> This way, i had no contact beetween elements

then I rode my strida and pedaled hard => The creaking noise was still here.

I concluded that the problem is not here.

TEST 2 : front 274 bolts

I loosened the 2 274 bolts until it is possible to move the 216 element.
Then I put the bottom TUBE in place on the 216 element.
Finally I tightened the 2 274 bolts at he maximum possible.

then I rode my strida and pedaled hard => The creaking noise was still here.

TEST 3 : KS3 crank bolt

I tightened the 2 KS3 crank bolt at the maximum possible.

then I rode my strida and pedaled hard => The creaking noise was still here.


The problem is still here.
I’m suspecting that the KS3 is in cause.
Maybe the internal locking is not tightened at the 50/60 NM torque required.
Or maybe there is an internal problem in the KS3.


Any ideas ?


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Did you read this one:
Pedal clicking noise