snubber bearing not turning anymore

I have a little problem with my Strida SX.
The small wheel that keeps the belt from slipping doesn’t turn anymore.
I think it’s called the snubber. The bearing is probably broken
As a temporary solution I loosened the screw so that it can turn again.
But this is certainly not ideal.
So I am looking for a replacement snubber.

Can people show me where exactly I can buy exactly this piece or a piece of similar size that would also work with my Strida SX?

Hello stridasxfolder,

Is your bearing also marked WC87008Z ?

The size is 8 x 22 x 10 mm (inner Ø x outer Ø x broadness), I suppose.

Should be available for example at car spare part stores or electric motors repair shops,
you might also ask Vanmoof if it’s available as a spare part.

This bearing seems to be very unusual, mostly they are only 7 mm broad.
Of course, it would be possible to use a 7mm bearing, I’ve seen that at HK stridaforum.
But in that case you need 2 washers of correct size (i.d. 8mm o.d. ~ 11 mm, thickness 1,5 mm) to fit to the bolt.

Does your snubber bolt and bearing look like that below?

Yes it looks like that, has exactly the same number.

I did a search, most are indeed 7mm width, came up with this: … tor=%3E%3d

These both seem to be good matches: … ItemID=945 … temID=1115

Only difference is 10.319mm width.

I mean these will work also.

However, if you decide to use a 7mm bearing, I could chisel distance rings for you (aluminium).

Here is Wilson’s solution of Hong Kong Strida Club (with titanium snubber bolt)

Did you ask Vanmoof?

Yes, waiting for answer.

Here 7 mm bearings, in stock in Austria:

Thanks for all the info!

No problem, gladly.

Please let us know about Vanmoof’s reply!

They (vanmoof) will send me a new one for free :smiley:

Perfect, that’s really good customer service! :smiley:

They have rubber seals - this is really great! It means they are serviceable =) (unlike original strida snubber bearings). Will definitely try these.

Got those bearings (labeled _WC_87038) :imp: Should have read description better (product picture is misleading) - the inner ring is protruding and there is only one rubber seal :cry:

Bearings from the first link should have been ok.

Good thought comes afterwards. Regular bearings #608RS could be used (they are narrower - 7mm, bit it could be fixed with washers). The good thing about those bearings is that they are used in skate boards and inline skates and are abundant in local shops.

Found this thread through Google…

I see people discussing the 7mm wide bearings, but it my experience (a few months of driving in winter weather, but nothing special or extreme) is that the narrow bearing (even with correct spacers) allow the belt to work its way out, making it go in a diagonal line across the sidewall of the gear and grinding to a halt while it gets caught. Happens whenever you put a high to even medium strain on the drivetrain and happens more easiliy when the weather is wet.
My belt almost got cut in quite a few places, making it useless.

I decided to buy a real 8x22x11mm bearing. They can be found, no problem, but cost more.
However, my current one corroded and makes my Strida sound like a train on tracks. Not ideal either, so now looking for a stainless one.

Just a heads-up for those wanting to try. I wouldn’t use 7mm bearings. Buy your mileage may vary; appearantly others are using them with succes.

Hello swiv98,

many thanks for your highly interesting post!

Just one thing is weird, you wrote:

Could you please tell us where you’ve found these bearings?

Recently I was searching for the bearing “WC87008Z” via Google.
There were only two results: Here at Stridaforum!

I’ve tried also to find the original bearing size 8 x 22 x 10 mm - but without success?! :unamused:

Please allow me to share how I greased the sealed bearings.

The snubber bearing was degreased using kerosene. Unable to pry open the seals I thought that the 30ml syringe that was used in my ATS maintenance would make a good pressure chamber to put grease in the snubber.

First I removed the plunger. Put a few amount of grease in the chamber. Next is the bearing then sandwiched by a few more grease. I replaced the plunger and covered the syringe nozzle with my thumb (no needle in the syringe) then pushed the plunger until high pressure is build in the chamber. Then I released my thumb to release the pressure I did this several times and lastly removing the air in the syringe I made a final push to let the grease permeate in the bearing.

So far the bearing’s rotation is now dampened by the grease although it still makes a sound when I crank the pedals.

Good work!

However, it should be mentioned that the price for a new bearing (including bolt and washer) was 1,25 € at Vanmoof/Strida Europe.

With sadness I have to say that after only three months after purchase of my new Strida EVO the bearing of the snubber is again broken.

I hope they would have changed this weak point of the Strida, but the snubber seems to be exactly the same as on my Strida SX.

I could try and get a new one in warranty, but a much better solution would be a higher quality snubber.
Did somebody already find a good reasonably cheap alternative that can be delivered to Belgium?