Snapped belt

After ~4500 km, I think. It snapped during starting on a green light.

Teeth comparison (with the new belt):

One possible explanation of such snapping is catching of some sharp road dirt particles between the belt and the pulley.

Or maybe I have overtightened it a little - I have decided that with the heavily worn freewheel it might start popping, so I should increase tension a little to prolong its life. But high tension alone should not result in snapping.


Maybe a silly question, but this is indeed the original Gates belt?

You’re sure that it wasn’t eventually bent strongly?

I don’t know. It was on strida, when I bought it. There were labels on it, but now they are unreadable. Do you see white marks on the second photo? That is all what is left of the label =)

The new belt (~33$) has ‘Continental/contitech/Made in Germany/HTD 1440 8M’ label on it.

Don’t know that. When I stopped, belt end was caught between rear caliper and the freewheel, but it was not reversed.

I think it comes from the overtightening, this extra tension adds a lot of stress on the belt.