Small Strida Parts Shipping

Hi Strida Fans, I have added another shipping method to my web site for people needing small parts. The small packet air is 10 business day deliver for part orders less than .2 kg with a cost of 12.00. I have many Strida small parts and my goal is to stock as many Strida parts as possible. If your country is not listed in my web site please contact me.

Cheers, Bill Wilby

I’ve just ordered some brake pads and a spare belt from Bill. I bought my Strida SX from Velorution in London, UK. They have to order their parts from Holland, and seem to be on continual back order. So it’s quicker and comparative on costs to order spares from Canada at the moment if they are small. The Innova tires unfortunately don’t fold down like the Kojaks so the cost of the shipping on those makes them cheaper from Europe. Bill’s been very helpful though, so a recommendation from me to any Strida riders in the UK who don’t want to wait 6 weeks for parts - or maybe buy spares in advance. :smiley:

According to my info are Vanmoof out of Strida business, so where do they order :question: