Side by side comparison between Strida and A-bike

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Posted by wor73 on 2006/9/4, 12:25

I position my Strida and A-bike for a comparision. These are my observations:

Pros of A-bike

  1. A-bike is Light! 5kg!
  2. Easy handling, + the handle is easier to fold than strida.
  3. Reflective Tapes are certainly much better in quality.
  4. It fits inside most ragsack bag.
  5. Seat-post is easy to adjust at anytime.
  6. A small bell is included.

Cons of A-bike

  1. Seat is terrible and the bike is not comfortable to travel on any uneven surface.
  2. It is slow but it does pose a bit of danger if you hit a pothole or curb.
  3. I see that the only danger is travelling upslope, you can go on wheelie position very easily, worst if you are carrying a heavy bag.
  4. The brake cables is not any neater than Strida.
  5. Tyre tends to stick to the ground, due to its small size and maneuvering is not easy.
  6. The pedal is somewhat much difficult to fold than strida though design is about the same.
  7. No rear storage rack.

Strida Vs Abike - Unbrella Position Front View

Strida Vs Abike - Unbrella Position Side View

Strida Vs Abike - Foldup View

Strida Vs Abike - Cycle Position View

Strida Vs Abike - Side by Side View

Strida Vs Abike - Handle design

My new bought Strida 3.2 and my A-bike