Serios Spoke problem HELP!

HI all,

I’ve got a Strida 5.0 and ride it to work daily on the ever craked and pot-holed streets of Chicago. One way is about a 9 mile trip. I’m putting on about 20 miles a day and I’m having a serious rear wheel spoke problem. I’m breaking 1-2 spokes on the rear wheel every 4-6 weeks!! What am I doing wrong?! Am I riding it too hard, it is a design flaw? I have read other’s post with similar problems, but once a month is quite excessive.

The guys at my bike shop, true the wheel and tighten the spokes up nicely, but they keep snapping. One mentioned that he has observed that bikes with disk brakes have a tendency to do this because brake tension is only on one side of the wheel rather than the more even distribution of traditional pad brakes and it’s a smaller wheel.

Any suggestions on what I should do?

I love my Strida and want to keep riding, but hopefully not have to make a monthly pilgramage to the bike shop to have spokes replaced.


Similar problem.

If you cannot solve your problem, you can buy the new plastic rims fitted in the Strida Lt.