Series 1 spares required

Hi everyone

I have a couple of broken parts on my series 1 and need to know if spares are available anywhere, or if I can use parts from a newer model (but again, where to get them from??)

  1. The saddle mounting has snapped and the seat has come off, so the whole unit needs replacing (fixings all still intact)

  2. The quick release lever on the bottom tube (ie the bit you press to start folding the bike) has broken half way down. I can still use it to fold the bike up, it just seems tis just the end of the lever that has snapped off, so it’s a sharp piece of plastic left there and its a bit uncomfrtable.

I’m guessing I might be able to improvise with the lever, but the saddle mounting prevents me from using the bike…

Any ideas if I can use more recent parts - they need to be black to match the stealthy all-black S1!

I should have said I’m in the UK…