Self-laced 24 spokes 18" Wheels with Hope disc rotors

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WoW awsome !!!

Really good job! the rotors look cute with flowers. Did you do this with a truing stand? or just winged it? Can you tell us what you did?

Although this was not done by me, I know he did this with a truing stand. :wink:

Really great look! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Thanks for posting this here, Amuro!

A lot of work…and not that easy!

Trying this with Dirty Dog rotors you will have to do a lot of file work first. Then it should be possible to mount the rear rotor…

To change the front rotor is no problem:

BUT THEN…it might be possible, that the required adapter, like this one :

DOES NOT FIT!!! F… :imp:

Now I’ll have to solve the adapter problem…more to come…

Continued here:

Why do you need that adaptor? or is the rotor a bigger size than the standard disks? Else those spider disks look really pimp!

Hello Ed,

such rotors are usually not available in 140 mm diameter (standard Strida front disc), so you have to take a 160 mm disc, and then the adapter is needed for the new position of the brake calliper.

Thanks to GeoffreyChang for posting the following pics at:

Titanium brake calliper bolts!

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