Seeking M style handlebars

Hello folks - I’m new to Strida, after purchasing a used Strida 5. I’m on the top end of tallness for being a rider, and finding the straight bars don’t quite work for me and my height (6’6").
I’m on the hunt for some M style handlebars, yet finding zero stock of these in the UK.
Might anyone know how or who may have some? Ideally in the UK.

Super thanks in advance.

Hi crampey,

welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

I could order this bars from Germany - but, since Brexit, I can not send things to UK :unamused:
(Except with UPS which has exorbitant prices.)
Better you talk with Bill:

Have fun :smiley:


Hi Chris - thanks for the response.
Yes, I’ve seen similar high costs ordering from Europe post-Brexit - the cold harsh reality of leaving the EU :cry:

I’ve reached out to Bill and placed an order with Strida Canada West - a much easier transaction, and means I can look forward to getting a better ride in by adding the M-Bars :laughing:

Thanks again.