Second hand LT handling

I have bought a second hand Strida LT.

What are the refurbish advices? What to tighten, lubricate, repair, etc. Which parts to check for extra wear and tear.
I am a bike owner, but may be something Strida specific.


Hi msorc,

welcome at Stridaforum!

I bet there was no manual supplied; did you find it already?

To refurbish you may need parts…I’m no prophet, but that could be your primary problem :smiling_imp:

Well, special is anyway the belt…I’d recommend you read about freewheel and belt tension, you can find corresponding threads easily via the forum search (upper right).


After removing dirt and dust it appeared to look quite well with some tears on a belt. So except of lubrication it does not require extra maintenance at the moment.

Fine to read that, you’re welcome to post pics :smiley: